The Ability To Overcome A Broken Heart

You have the ability to overcome a broken heart

The Strength Card  in the tarot shows  you have the ability to overcome a broken heart. The “Three of  Swords” tell you, even though it may still hurt, embrace the Fool in the tarot and get ready for your new journey. Yes it is time to leave the past behind, as you tried to make it work. Over and over  again you realize the relationship stayed stuck on stagnation. You may want to settle down, maybe even get married, but all you hear is the same repetitive empty words “I Love You”. Slowly your coming to the realization that “action speaks louder than words”. You gave action and gave love a chance. You waited patiently until you seen results and as the years passed by, you realize  with the same repeated behavior  the foundation of trust has dwindled and the words simply feel so empty. You realize even though you may physically  still be together, at the same time you simply can’t understand why do you still feel so alone. You have the ability to overcome a broken heart with time, patience and hope for a future. You have the stamina to move forward with great diligence and choose the best path for you to take.

Take time out to reflect

Take time out to reflect as you take time out to make the best decision for you. As you think about what will enhance your life and bring  you a sense of happiness. Remembering you do deserve to be loved.



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