Will Lasting Love Enter Into My Life?

I hear this question often “will lasting love enter into my life”?

Almost everyone has asked this question at some point in their life– “will lasting love enter into my life?” If you have had a bad run with someone or your dating life just didn’t work out like you thought it would, this is a very common question to have. The world is full of flawed people and sometimes you feel like you don’t make the connection with someone you think is right for you, and other times you can’t seem to shake someone who is wrong for you. Perhaps you are someone who goes through relationships quickly and gets bored easily. The world of dating and love can definitely be difficult and even complicated sometimes. It is easy to lose hope and wonder if you will find lasting love with that perfect person; that individual you will spend your days with.

Whatever you do, however, don’t give up. Many people go through years and numerous failed relationships before they find their soul mate. This is a common problem, so don’t doubt either love or yourself. Enjoy every stage and blessing life brings your way. A lot of times lasting love graces you with its presence when you least expect it. It is important that you learn to wait with patience and contentment, and be prepared for that love when it finally does come along.

When you are single you are in the perfect position to cultivate your own personal and spiritual growth. Spend time doing the things you love and experimenting with your independence. By developing yourself you are becoming a better potential partner, and you are also making yourself more open to healthy and positive relationships. Of course, lasting love is going to come in the form of a relationship that is good for you and makes you happy.

Lasting love will not enter your life until you are ready for it. Aside from learning to love yourself and developing great qualities to offer someone else, it is also important that your expectations of lasting love are not warped. Remember that a great relationship that endures the years will not be perfect or without flaw. You will still fight sometimes, have disagreements, and experience other difficulties. Don’t throw out a good relationship just because it doesn’t fit your exact idea of what a relationship should be like—you’ll never find or be a perfect person.

Keeping realistic expectations is important, but also be wary of taking things too fast. Lasting love doesn’t just happen overnight, or even in a couple of months. If you want a relationship that lasts make sure you take things slow and don’t get ahead of yourself. If it is worth it, then you and your partner won’t feel rushed. When things don’t work out in a relationship learn to roll with the punches and get back on your feet and in the saddle. There is nothing wrong with being single, but don’t let fear and pain cripple your potential to find happiness. Anyone on this planet can find lasting love, no matter who you are. Things will work out exactly as they are meant to right when you are ready for it. 

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