Virgo Lovescopes For April

Think long-term and get accustomed to the new norm for your romantic life.

It is quite possible that the week ahead will bring with it some understanding and tranquility. This is a time for you to think long-term and get accustomed to the new norm for your romantic life. Venus is leaving an adventurous area of your sector at the end of the week  is exiting your romantic sector. These are not necessarily bad developments, however. You will not feel any urgency pushing you towards your romantic objectives but you will have a sense of clarity as to what you want from your love life. If you are already in a relationship it is primarily about staying on course with where things are meant to go. The moon is going to visit your communication’s sector during the beginning of the week, and this will aid you in expressing yourself in the way that you need to. On the downside you might have a confrontation with your lover in regards to dishonesty. You may suspect they are hiding something from you or being untruthful, but instead of going into the discussion half-cocked it is better to put your emotions in check and ask directly. You will know the truth when you hear it, if you do. For the most part your communication lines should be positive, leading into beneficial conversations. You will be able to freely discuss matters of love and intimacy that are sometimes difficult for you because it could raise conflict.

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