Virgo Forecast For December


Virgo the past few months have seen a lot of battle between the personal and relationship areas of your life. Finally this will be coming to a halt this week. Virgo you will feel a sense of relief and weight rising from your shoulders. The Sun and Mercury give your relationship a boost and there will also be a New Moon in your communication sector. Overall this is very good news because it means that while you are getting a break from the turmoil things should be looking up for the better. Virgo now you are in a very ideal position, your vision will be cleared about relationships and you will have second chances at your doorstep.


Virgo this is the second week that Ceres has been in your work sector and now you are finally starting to feel its energy. You have been spending a lot of time recently planning and getting yourself into a better position to achieve certain goals. This could be the time to push forward and make some definitive moves towards those objectives. Virgo the other good news is that, along with Ceres in your work sector, Venus will be returning to your income sector. The two celestial bodies teaming up together is likely to make an impact in your career. Something big is coming for the better.

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