Taurus Love and Career For May


Venus is in a very social part of your chart right now, so singles will be delving into activities where they can meet new people and enjoy the company of old friends. Although singles may not find the one it is a great time for you to grow closer to the friends you already have—it is possible that you may lay the foundation for a future relationship. Those in a relationship may be struggling with Mars in the house of partnership, and you may be tempted to say things that are hurtful. Make sure to be extra cautious this week and think before you speak.


With not only Venus but the Sun and Mercury also involved in the house of friends and community you will feel a strong urge to get out and do things with people. You will be ready to take on new projects, form alliances with coworkers, and maybe even volunteer on the side. You will also be thinking a lot about your finances this week and taking the time to consider where your money ends up. This is important and may be the beginning of new business plans.

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