Scorpio Tarot Love Soaps January

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The First card is (Moving On)

Scorpio is moving on and keeping it moving this is in the past position. This is the 8 of Cups someone walking away from a situation. You see that he is walking on the dry land. This could be a time Scorpio you may feel that there might have been a relationship that has gone dry or a drought has happen in the relationship. The love or the emotions have kind of subsided or withered. There still some love there because you see the water, but you ran into some obstacles with the rocks in the 8 of Cups. It looks as though that it might have been to many obstacles. The obstacles might have been accumulating over a period of time. Things that you tried to work on in the relationship but things have continue to accumulate and build up. You found you tried to work on the relationship, you might have moved a step in the relationship but felt you were falling 5 steps backwards unto the dry land. This could have been a relationship that you possibly might of had to walk away from. Walking away doesn’t mean that it is a complete end, it can also mean time for the both of  you to heal and to step back to realize what’s important. That is your past and let’s see what the present will bring.


In the present position (8 of Pentacles)

8 is also  a symbol of strength a symbol of opportunity and abundance


With the 8 of Pentacles that says “A Dedicated Effort” in the John Holland Psychic Tarot for the Heart.

The effort that you have put in for this relationship. We also have the Second Sacral Chakra that deals with relationships, emotions and intimacy. It also connect with sexuality as well. That is an area where this particular relationship might have needed healing or restoration. This could have been the area that the relationship needed some work.

With the 8 of Pentacles this represents skill this represents working hard putting your effort in a relationship. It looks as though so far that this is a relationship that your still willing to put the effort into. you’re still willing to put the work in with this relationship. It shows in your past that you walked away from a situation. Walking away could mean stepping back for a time and reflecting on what is really needed in the relationship. The 8 of Pentacles in the tarot I don’t get a sense that this is someone who has given up, i get a sense that this is someone who is still trying to work at the relationship to bring the relationship back to the level of where you are connected emotionally. I see that this is a relationship that you may still be trying to work on.


In the Future Position is the (Ace of Swords)

It looks as though that it is a relationship that has a bit of unsure that you needed to go to a place .A place of thinking or to reevaluate the relationship. The relationship became a bit dry, the emotions felt like there were drying up or you might have felt less love.   This also could have been a relationship that might of had conflicts from the outside that caused it to kind of wither or to become stagnate or outside stresses. It would’ve been related to work or money. It shows in your present that your still working hard to manifest fruitfulness for your relationship. It seems as though your still dedicated to this relationship. It seems as though you still want to fight for your relationship you desire to hold on to your relationship. With walking away you have gained clarity and Belief with the Ace of Swords.


In the Far Future we have the Fool in the tarot (Trust)

It looks as though now you have clarity enough to see your way on your journey with the Fool in the tarot. The fool is about new beginnings brand new journey. The first situation could mean that you walked away you had some problems. With the relationship. You focused more on yourself you focused more on what you can make better in your relationship. Then with the Ace of Swords it seems a though you gained more clarity in the future. This 8 of Pentacles brought you to a place of elevation it made you a better person. Now with the Fool in the tarot your able to start a new journey  a brand new chapter in your life. You went to a place that allows you to better yourself inwardly.


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