Scorpio Forecast For December


Scorpio fresh starts are looking good for you this week thanks to the New Moon taking place. Those of you who are looking at your relationship status and yearning for a change will have a good chance of getting what you seek. Neptune is deemed the planet of inspiration and it is currently residing in your romance sector, which is even better news. Those who are single may just need to check their surroundings again to see that love is right around the corner. Scorpio don’t be afraid to be a little bold and speak up about your feelings to someone.


Scorpio the upcoming New Moon could potentially give you some fresh starts or fresh outlooks in your career as well. You will probably experience sharper focus this week as you move along thinking and working towards growing your business and expanding the limits of your career. Scorpio the Sun and Mercury will both lend you their influence in a positive way to help you to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. Things may seem to go along relatively slow and you could face a few challenges, especially your working conditions. Scorpio if you are feeling unprepared for what lies ahead just remember that everything happens in its own time.

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