Pisces Lovescopes For May

Venus has been in your relationship sector for quite some time now, and this should have been a great thing for your romantic life, giving you plenty of spice and intimacy. Although Venus is due to leave your romantic sector on Friday, all is definitely not lost. As Venus departs you can be assured that Mercury will be entering your romantic sector on Thursday. While the two planets share your relationship sector you can be confident your love life will reap a lot of positive fruits. Because Mercury is the planet governing communication, this will be a great time for you to start getting to know a prospective lover or someone you are just interested in. You might just find yourself with a love match forming through the bonds of communication, and you may learn a lot of interesting things about him/her. If you are new to a relationship you will probably find yourself intellectually stimulated by your partner, and that might be just what you want now.


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