Pisces Loves Scopes

Feb 19- March 20

Pisces 2Pisces with your sensitive nature you desire to be loved abundantly. You have the intuitive ability to weed out the bad when you are guided my your intuition. If your  Looking for love try keeping  your happy disposition in life and continue with your positive outlook.  WIth your introverted personality  go to your place of meditation don’t waste your time meditating the bad things that are happening at the moment, these are all temporal. Breath and relax, don’t just jump with your emotions, be patent for it worths the wait when it comes to a lasting relationship. Don’t take for granted the things that you need to clear out. Take time to sit and discuss with your partner the things that are bothering you, be there and be real. Confronting the problem, and not your partner should be your goal, when you talk it over.

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