Pisces Forecast For August

Pisces Forecast For August


It might sound like a good thing that Venus, planet of love, is currently in your sign, but unfortunately Venus and the Moon—which has entered your relationship sector—might create some waves of tension. The two together will work in opposition, but this isn’t likely going to last too long. You may have a rough few days, but after that things are likely to clear up for the better. As the Moon leaves your relationship sector, needs in your relationship will come into focus and you will realize that everything has its own significance.


The Moon will be visiting your work sector this week but it will also be aligned with Pluto. These two celestial bodies in alignment will give you a little edge of intuition and reflection when it comes to your job which you can use to your advantage. The Moon will also give you the opportunity to get your balance and bearings in the workplace, which might come as quite a relief. Chances are your mind might be on your relationship this week because of Venus’ return to your sign, but don’t forget to keep your mind on your career when you are on the job.

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