Moving Forward After A Broken Heart

How to move forward and learning how to deal with the pain

The most challenging time after a broken heart is how to move forward and learning how to deal with the pain. Try to think of it as if your closing and old chapter and starting a new one. Realizing that  it is  a closed chapter in  your past as you discover  the heart-break was actually a learning experience.  You’ve walked through the storm and you’ve jumped over hurdles with  the last chapter of love. You’ve gone through a rocky road to get you to the next level. It actually caused you to gain wisdom and learn many things from the relationship along with many things about yourself. It was a journey that you were on just like the spirit of the fool in the tarot, which caused you to learn many things. Yes it was very painful but with pain came strength, and with strength came clarity. As you were able to finally move forward you found that not only you can see, you received your strength back.

It’s not unusual if you’ve just come out of a relationship that caused your heart to be broken. Sometimes you can experience  feelings of abandonment. A broken heart can be a life altering experience that may cause you to lose hope in love.  Sometimes letting go can be so ultimately painful, that we feel that it is difficult to move forward.  You may go through different stages of grief once you go through an emotional  heart-break.

As you take  one day at a time you will be able to move forward with confidence. It will be a process but you can live life again as you start a new chapter in life. You will find that it does get easier as you pace yourself. Remember  you have the ability to overcome a broken heart. When you find the strength to move forward you will only look at the past relationship  as a learning experience.


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