Libra Lovescopes For April

You will probably feel creative and romantic energy charging the beginning of the week. This will be very attractive and alluring to others. If you are married opportunities will open up for you two to enjoy the experience of life together. The lunar eclipse that ended the last week might signify that your partner will stun you with something unexpected. This shock could be something extremely positive or extremely detrimental. You may discover that your lover had made a decision you didn’t know about. You might like the decision and it might be a fortunate surprise or you could find yourself rattled that they neglected to consult you first. Try not to let this upset you, however. The end of the week should bring peace and like-mindedness about new decisions. Compromise and patience are key. Be prepared to compromise with your lover if other minor conflicts arise; this could make all the difference between enjoying your time together and struggling with tension. You may feel tempted to be snappish with


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people, including your partner, if you are overwhelmed with the chaos and business of life. Calm down and a take deep breath before you talk to your crush or partner. Use your powerful sense of communication in a positive way. Avoid unpleasant conversations and potential disputes. If you are in a long distance relationship or your partner is just away on business for the week don’t lose touch with them. Social media sites are wonderful for communicating when you can’t do it face to face.

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