Leo Lovescopes For April

Leo lot of promise for excitement as well as genuine results

Leo the week ahead has a lot of promise for excitement as well as genuine results. Jupiter will turn direct in your sign right in the middle of the week, and this is a very favorable thing which will reap a lot of benefits. Jupiter is the luckiest planet in the sky, and this may give you just the edge you need in relationship matters. If that weren’t enough, Venus will migrate to the most social part of your chart near the end of the week. If you are single you may have the perfect influence guiding you to meet someone new. The end of the week is also likely to bring you balance. It is also likely to be a great time to enjoy outings with your romantic partner. You may experience a lot of revelation and intuition this week which you aren’t generally accustomed to. It is okay to act on your intuition and explore new corners of love and romance. You may be feeling bored with the tedious daily routine which has fallen upon you lately. This may motivate you to reach out to quench your desires, possibly reaching out to a friend or lover from afar. You are probably looking for a deep connection as opposed to idle conversation between you and your possible romantic partner. You may be tempted to indulge in every part of your life, but instead of doing this try picking just one aspect. If you do this you will find a much more rewarding and beneficial outcome.


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