Gemini Love Scopes For April

You might be feeling impulsive this week, and a bad decision could possibly be on the horizon. By approaching the future with caution and steadiness you may be able to void conflict. Pluto and Uranus are not at right angles now but they are close, and this could set drama in motion. Romantic and sensual temptations might be high and you will likely strongly want to jump into your desires, but be wary. You may seek a passionate affair or other intoxicating romantic situations. You might be chasing thrills more than relationships this week, but think about what you are doing before you make any final decisions. Due to your mood lately you might feel inclined to enter into a bad relationship or return to an ex you shouldn’t be with. You might feel like it is important to keep your relationship decisions

private because friends and family wouldn’t approve. You would rather keep things under the table than hear their non-supportive comments right now, but a destructive outcome could be the result at the end of the week. Conflicts and explosive confrontations could be the consequence if you don’t keep your eyes open and take the advice of your better judgment. This week also has the potential to be confusing and reap misunderstandings. If you are careful and delicate this week great romantic results could potentially be in store.


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