In life we are all confronted by events which are difficult to handle. Most of these issues revolve around some sort of loss, be it a relationship, death, job, home, or anything that is important to us. When we find ourselves in this type of situation our lives turn towards waiting; waiting for the pain to end or for things to get better. Sometimes we find ourselves waiting just because we are in a position in life where we are on our road to some objective or goal that hasn’t yet come.

The way that we handle these periods of waiting and expectation are sometimes more important than how we handle the big events themselves. While our lives often change in a split second through some good or bad circumstance, we spend much more time sitting idle. Still, a lot can take place in these moments where are lives are relatively quiet. In fact, we can use points of waiting in order to prepare ourselves for the next big thing and enjoy where we are in life.

Faith and Timing

One of the most important things is to have faith in timing. In order to be led by patience we have to have trust in the process of life. When we put faith at the forefront of our lives we are able to have the most rich and valuable experiences. If you are agitated or anxious it is much more difficult to learn what you need to know from each day you are given. It is also impossible to have enjoyment, but faith in timing allows you to move forward with a clear mind. It gives you the ability to stay focused on what is important and put the value of things in perspective.

Aside from having faith it is also important to immerse yourself in positive energies to give you strength and meaning of life. As we wait, these beautiful moments give who we are and our journey greater significance. There must be some positive influences in your life, big or small. Sometimes life gives us a beautiful day, or the hug of a friend, or some other small blessing. Focus on the positive events and let them have the biggest effect on you. Fixate and dwell on the things that make you feel good more so than on the negative energies in your life. To affirm something means to state it positively and firmly, so affirm that positive events have happened and will happen to you.

Both faith and hope will keep you from losing faith in the things that you desire in life as you wait for them to come. It is easy to feel hopeless sometimes, especially when faced with something very difficult and a long time to wait. Fix the goal in your mind and imagine how it will feel when you finally achieve it. This is how you hold on to hope and that light at the end of the tunnel. Even when things go wrong in every way you can imagine, or the objective seems a long way off, and impossible, you can still choose to have hope.

Having Patience During Your Time Of Faith

We are not able to rush things, no matter how hard we try, no matter how badly we want something to happen. When we are in a point of life where we are waiting, we must be content to wait, and that means having patience. Every event happens in God’s and/or the universe’s timing and it happens in accordance with our freewill. This means that we must have faith, hope, and a positive outlook. All we can do is smell the roses and develop our own spirituality so that we are ready for the future.

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