Cancer Lovescopes For May

November Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer you are the center of attention this week, but don’t let your fame cause you to be conceited, and focus your powerful energies on giving to others. You are afire with inspiration and sensitivity this week, giving you a feeling of euphoria. Your partner or secret admirer is likely to be in awe at your zest during this time. Share your ideas with the one you love or care about, because the excitement involved will prove to be contagious.

Your thoughts are probably more directed towards your financial situation and career rather than love at the present time. Keep things with your partner low-key and don’t go for anything too outlandish or eccentric, because now isn’t the best time for anything very wild. It is, however, a wonderful time to introduce your partner to the family or redecorate the apartment with them. Positive communication will be an important factor in reaping the benefits you want this week.

Personal growth and self-reflection are high on the list over the next few days. You will be spending time this week doing some introspection and considering what things keep you secure and safe. Buried feelings are likely to surface and it is a prime time for you to work on relationship goals. This is a good week for communicating with your lover and being explicit about your feelings and thoughts. Be careful, however, not to be too obsessive or overbearing.


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