Cancer Lovescopes For April

This Full Moon Eclipse might lead to a few shocks, in fact, it isn’t unusual for a Lunar Eclipse to leave an impression on you weeks before it actually arrives—so you may have already felt some of its effects. Anticipate an emotional roller coaster ahead with the highs and lows included. This may also play into your love life. People near you might also be affected by your feelings lately and appear to be on edge. You may be surprised by people’s strong reactions in regards to your life. While some may strongly support your decisions others could significantly disapprove. You may find yourself swamped with social events this week, but it may end up being surprisingly fun and enjoyable. If you are romantically involved with someone you will likely attend together and have a good time. Staying calm and centered as best you can will have the most beneficial results on your relationship. This is a good week for decision-making. You will probably find yourself making great decisions day after day without fail, and this certainly includes matters of love and the heart as well. Venus and Mars will aspect the 5th house, kicking it off for romance and intimacy. This may be a very good thing for singles, imploring them to enjoy the desires of life. The end of the week could suggest conflict, but don’t allow it to take the joy out of your relationship. Be prepared and use empathy and diplomacy in order to achieve resolution.


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