Aquarius Spirit Messages (Healing and Balance)

aquarius spirit messages

Includes a “Meditation Affirmation Exercise”

Spirit messages oracle readings for Aquarius speaks about how you will come to a place of healing and balance in your life. You may have overcome some obstacles in the past, however spirit shows a smoother path ahead for you. You will be getting connected with your spiritual self as you embrace a new beginning and doing away with the old. If you have been feeling unbalance in a relationship the spirit of Temperance will bring an energy of balance to you. If you have gone through a broken heart  recently or still carrying the wounds from your past this year will be a time of healing for you. Find out more about Aquarius

  • Balance and calmness in your life.
  • A relationship of concern on your mind
  • You may feel unbalance about the relationship
  • Feeling that the relationship may be one-sided
  • Restoration coming a current or past relationship
  • Healing for a relationship that will bring a positive energy
  • The energy of balance coming into a relationship
  • Going beyond the mental and allowing the heart to be healed
  • A meditation exercise that will bring healing to your heart

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