Aquarius Mid Month Reading January 2017

The Justice Card

This is what you’re moving away from this possibly  could be  a legal matter, something with contracts possibly are a possible marriage. Also with the Justice card it may be a time to focus on things that are right that concerns us. Another way of saying this is cutting through the truth putting your cards on the table and confronting things that are true. There could be a situation that may be connected to something in government are that is legal that may be going through a new phase.

The Five Of Cups In (reverse)

You’re overcoming some obstacles that may have had a very deep emotional connection. This also could be some type of break up in a relationship or a possible loss. There might have  been some type of sadness connected to this five of cups however you’re leaving this behind you. With the five of cups I also say pay attention to the two of cups  that are left standing this is a time for opportunity and something good will come out of a  challenging time.


The Star Card

With the star card Aquarius you could be on a path of restoration possibly getting back what you lost from a challenging experience. This also mean that you’re working hard to achieve your dreams and your goals to build up what you desire to make your life more fulfilling. This is a time where you’re going to see happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. Get ready Aquarius to see a brighter day for the year of 2017.


The Three of Wands

With the three of wands it shows that you will beat your desired goals especially in career or life purpose. You will see the fruits of your labor for the year of 2017 and you will also be able to enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments. You will start to see prosperity and increase flowing in for this year. Whether you’re building a business or adding to your business, or you want to make your business stronger with the three of wands it shows a great success for you Aquarius.



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