What Is A Twin Flame?

What Is A Twin Flame?

There are different explanation or definition about Twin Flame, so allow me to explain it the simplest way I can. It’s like buying yourself a pair of shoes, they were made especially for you and they have the same size, made of same materials, same design and of course same serial number. If you lost one of the pair there is that need to look for the missing pair for you to be able to use it properly. Sure the remaining pair can be functional without the other because you can still wear it on one of your foot and use a different shoe on the other, but you’ll definitely feel uncomfortable. But once you found the missing pair you don’t need to look for the serial number or test its materials just to know it is the right pair, wearing it is enough to tell, that you found the right shoe.

Plato once proposed that we are all created with single soul split into two. These have souls will always feel that longing to be reunited with the other half that will complete him/her. Ideally these two  souls can reside in man or woman, however it is not always the case. There is time that the two half souls reside in the same sexes either man or woman. But the main concern of Twin Flame is not about sexual orientation, but the fact that there are certain connections between souls that spirituality are involved. These connections are inevitable and once fulfilled will bring common good to the persons involved and for those who surrounded them. This connection also requires spiritual enlightenment to fully understand both by the involved individuals. Twin Flame is someone you don’t meet every day, the reunion of these souls are predestined and unavoidable and though there might be conflicts or struggles along the way, no one can stop these two souls or have them separated once reunited.

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