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Overcoming Negative Thoughts

If your single before deciding coupling up with that cute guy who is chasing you now, resolve first your insecurities. It will definitely ruin the relationship you will build up one day if the issue is left  unresolved. Your insecurities may have been haunting you , Have you been asking yourself are you smart enough before you go out with that special someone? Remember these are negative thoughts that pass through your mind try  not focus on things that are negative, instead focus on the things that are positive. Practice positive thinking to build up your self-esteem remember it’ll all pay off in the long run as  you start making affirmation such as you are beautiful, you are smart, this will bring you  to level your self-esteem to the point that you decided to be.

Sometimes unresolved insecurities left unchecked can bring negativity in a relationship, are during a relationship. Remember you have to believe in yourself  love yourself first, before anyone else can love you. If not, you will always battle with negative thoughts, thinking that you’re not good enough or not even worthy enough to have a relationship with that special someone. Always remember that you can overcome negative thoughts and overcome those challenging obstacles.  Believing that you are incredible and remembering to make positive affirmations every day.


Attached? Give him the benefit of the doubt, you are the peak of your emotions now and might regret the decision you will make. If there is conflict give time for the situation to simmer. Try not to react in doing a heated debate, Try to calm down before the situations get out of hand. Having a little time away is okay when it comes to a disagreement when there is a  bit of tension. Allow time  apart while you gain understanding and not act on heated emotions.


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