Virgo Love Scopes For May

Neptune and the sun will have a perfect connection this week, and because Neptune is your ruling planet this can only mean good things. You can definitely expect an idealistic time over the next week. You will probably have a very smooth and efficient time talking to your partner, and what’s even better is your partner will have an easy time hearing you. Don’t be surprised if you feel a combination of anticipation and frustration. You may have to put a little extra work into your communication lines, and be prepared for some possible turbulence between you and your partner, but overall it should be a good week for you. Use your powers of expression and try to find clever and creative ways to get around any problems headed your way, but don’t sweep them completely under the rug. Venus will also be returning to your romantic sector, and that most likely means things will only get better as the week progresses. You and your partner may even feel like helping others together and this is a sure way to strengthen your relationship.

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As Venus enters your romantic sector  praise the special connection with your partner look at this  as a relationship with a positive perspective.  Now is the  time to embrace the fact that you both  have entered into  a new level in your relationship. As you open the doors of communication you will have a deeper understanding with your partner and even though at times you may disagree,  try not to look at this as a  step backward, continue to make progress even when you disagree on some things. There may be times that you may not see eye to eye with each other, but it doesn’t mean that the relationship is over. Maybe this could be a time to take a step back and reflect on what you both need to work on in the relationship.

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