Virgo Forecast For November


Virgo the Sun is currently opposing Neptune in your partnership sector. The Sun is also presently in your sign. This means that you may have a little difficulty getting a clear picture of what is happening in a relationship, or possibly even how you are feeling about someone. This may mean that you have your head in the clouds and are seeing things from a distorted perspective or, on the other hand, you may be blowing a small negative aspect out of proportion. Either way, try to see things objectively so that you can make the best choices. This goes for singles and those in a relationship alike.


Virgo in career be a little careful as you go about your business this week because some not-so-good surprises may be waiting for you if you don’t watch your actions and words. Before signing any contracts make sure that you read it very carefully, and be cautious of people you work with. Some peers who don’t like you may be out to set you up or cause trouble. If you are not weary you may end up suffering some loses, but with due carefulness you should have an okay week, although it may be somewhat busy. Offering advice and writing look like your strengths right now.

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