Virgo Forecast For August

Virgo Forecast For August


Venus will be turning retrograde over the week which will later cause it to arrive back at your romantic sector. The sun will also be coming back, quickly followed by Mercury, so your love life will be sparking. Jupiter and the Moon will have some influence over the week for the better too. Use the positive energies from the celestial bodies to enjoy or work on your romantic relationship in whatever ways you are capable. A lot of emotions are in store for you over the week so deal with them in the best ways you can and make sure you separate work from love especially during this period of time.


The Moon and Venus will both be in your work sector this week and this means that your career will get an extra boost. This will set the stage for new opportunities and open doors in the area of your job. You have been making good financial decisions lately so you have also set yourself up for success in that area. Right now you are at the ready to take on anything and in the perfect position for what is ahead. It is possible that people around you may become jealous by your success, even though it is what you have worked for and earned through wise decisions.

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