The Moon Planet Personalities

The New Palladini Tarot

The Moon

Through the Moon you express your purpose in everyday activities. The moon helps you to speak or manifest your habits, attitude, and emotions. She is also a key factor in adaptability when you are in a new environment. Her element is water, and as such her nature is defined as moist and cold. She is in exaltation in Taurus and rules Cancer. The Moon’s temperament is phlegmatic and she is generally representative of the famine. As such, she tends to be associated with the mother and the wife and she signifies fertility. She is also very important to children and the mother-child relationship. The Moon is less important in a man’s chart but signifies his (often repressed) sensitivity and his mother and wife. Because of her relationship to the night she is also representative of intuition and instinct, the unconscious and dreams, moods, nostalgia, and the past. On the more negative side she can also manifest whims, nonchalance, and laziness. She rules our moods just as she rules the tides of the sea.

This is a fitting representation, as our emotions are fluid and momentous, much like the ocean. Through the impact of the Moon we may experience peaks and valleys in our emotional state. She gives us our soul.

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