Taurus Three Card Spread

Love and Financial Prosperity For Taurus

Taurus In Love

The lovers card the sun card and empress in the tarotTaurus  looking for new love? Embrace the lovers card for the new year for love and romance and heated passion. As the sun energy shines upon relationships of new and old bringing that burst of energy and passion. As the Empress brings growth,  fruitfulness prosperity and the spirit of beauty .  The Empress also brings a strong sense of family and motherhood with her nurturing ability. If yo have been desiring to get married  for the year of 2015 this is your year. This is a year for planning  a marriage or getting ready for new engagements just as well.  This year for relationships you will find the security and stability you’ve been longing for a life time and now it’s finally here. Stop questioning it and just go for it, it’s in your destiny so take the dive into that sea of love.




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For this year love surround you Taurus so embrace the end a place where prosperity and crafts and abundance is in your future. Don’t despair or don’t look back at the past thanks my does not go the way you wanted hemlock forward to create abundance I see this in the heater of 2015 into the year of 2016. With the sun card this is just an added bonus to add to the fruitfulness that you are about to embark on for this year 2015.

Taurus In Finances

There is much energy even in finances and money.   Prosperity abounds for you, also for  your finances I see this coming in 2015. If you have pending finances are financial projects that you’ve been waiting for expect an abundance to come through for you. There is positive energy all  round  for Taurus . This will be  a  year of prosperity. I also see new beginnings for Taurus in entrepreneurship and starting a new businesses for Taurus so definitely embrace this year of 2015 with new ventures to come.




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