Taurus Tarot Love Soaps For January

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Today we will be doing a love reading for Taurus, wonderful Taurus. Hope everyone had a wonderful new year I hope everyone worked out and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well. I’m excited about the New Year of 2016.Proclaiming good things that will happen for the year. Get a sense that it will be a lot of change for this year for a lot of people. Change for the better, I get a sense that there will be a lot of learning experiences when it comes to relationships.I get a sense that there will be a lot of strength gained from that. I get a sense that there will be much happiness. I get a sense that there will be restoration of relationships possibly good relationships that might of not gotten off the ground. You might have started off as friends, there may be a relationship that may surpass that friendship line. You may find that you will become more closer with each other as you feel that connection, that you might of not felt before.
We begin With the Six of Pentacles what I’m seeing here is Taurus you are in a good place. Automatically your coming up the six of Pentacles represents the earth. You feel content where you’re at Taurus. Your basking in being content feelings that you have. You feel right in your situation in regards to how you feel and in regards to love and relationships.

If your single you can actually content where you’re at, you actually can be so content that you may not be really focusing on relationship. You may have other things in regards to material or physical things. It looks as though you could be excited about those things. I get a sense that your very hopeful for the future in regards to love.

If you’re in a relationship this looks as though your content or you have been content in your relationship. It could be an enhancement in your emotions as I see the water flowing with the Six of Pentacles. Your feeling or emotions might have grown with your partner. Your emotions might of have gotten deeper or stronger with your partner. You’re in a good place Taurus as the sun shine on your relationship. You may feel you’re in a good place with your current relationship. So this may be how you have been feeling in your past. So lets see what the present brings.

This is the Six of Wands which represents Victory and Success. It speaks about victory and success.

The Six of Wands represent something good happening in your relationship. Six means moving from touch or difficult times. Your starting to move from a difficult time or a challenging time. Your feeling good about the good things that are happening around you. Now you feel a bit victorious. You finally are at a place where your content and where your happy. You might also feel a bit secure in your relationship as well. I See great satisfaction for you Taurus in regards to relationships. See that your past looks really good with material and spiritual prosperity. Now it seems that you move to a different level with the 6 of Wands. Your feeling Victorious that you have accomplished some things in your relationship.

Taurus it seems as though something new has started for you, it seems as though that you met the person that your making plans with for the future for the both of you as a team.

If your single I get a sense that this is someone new that has entered your life adding great passion, happiness and energy to your life.

Lets see what the future holds

The Three of Pentacles

I see manifesto with the three of pentacles it seems that this will be a relationship that will enter into your life. You could be at the beginning stages of just meeting someone. But it looks as though that it will prosper and have growth. It also looks as though that there will be positive event happening.

It look as though your building and working together in harmony. Get a sense with some Taurus that you might have found that special someone who you are able to connect with and your able to work together as a team, It looks as though that you will find great reward with this person. Material and Spiritual Prosperity, Victory and Success and Recognition and reward. I get a sense overall that this reading is about growth in a relationship and things that you desire and that you have a passion for will be coming to pass.

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