Taurus Lovescopes For June

Taurus Lovescopes For June

Taurus  Lovescopes for June, there will be a fair amount of astrological movement in your sign this week, putting certain situations and emotions into motion for your relationships. Ultimately Taurus this week for June it is quite possibly going to be full of nostalgia and possibly frustration, depending on how you handle each person and circumstance. Venus will be hovering the nostalgic part of your chart and it is located in the 11th House. It will also be largely governing your romantic developments. Meanwhile, the Moon will be in your communications sector—and this is very good news because it will keep the lines of communication open for you. Taurus this may be important should you face any difficult situations this week. Saturn on the other hand may end up causing issues for you, as it is retrograde and in opposition to both the Sun and Mars. Taurus essentially this means that a long-term relationship may not have the best odds, but if you are just casually dating or having fun this news won’t be too much of a blow to you. If you are, on the other hand, already in a relationship, the position of Saturn could cause some disharmony and friction between your partner an

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