Taurus Love Tarot Reading February 2017

"On The Ship Of Love"



Planting the seeds in relationship looking forward to the future and the long-term.  Waiting for your ship to come in. There could be a desire to have a relationship or a love interest. You may have been longing for more from a relationship. This may be someone from a distance or a long distance relationship. You may me making plans to build up your relationship.


The Three of Wands

Waiting for your ship to come in you may be patiently awaiting for that special someone. There could be a desire to have a relationship. There also could be someone you are interested in and you may would like to be with that person. The Three of Wands speak about partnership and alliance. You may be desiring a relationship with a special person. You may also be in love with this person and spirit says that may be waiting for this person to come back to you. This may be a person from a distance that our waiting for. You may be waiting to be reunited with a person you love.


The Four of Wands

The four of wands confirms everything that i mention about building on your relationship. If you’re single this can also be a long-term vision that you have and a desire that you have. With the four of wands it is about achieving your vision and dreams with someone or a dream you desire for the near future. There also could be a marriage being plan in some scenarios.


9 Of Pentacles

A card of prosperity you are building the foundations of your dreams.  Your planting the seeds and waiting for the fruits of your harvest. Get ready for your harvest and dreams to come to pass and get ready for your ship to come in!


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