Taurus Forecast For September


With a full Moon in your relationship sector during this week your emotional and intuitive powers will be at an all time high in your relationship. If you are single you will see any prospective love interests very clearly. Expect new revelations during this time regarding romance and love. Thankfully, this should be a pleasant rather than painful experience for you overall. At the end of the week you should find that your relationship is stronger, richer, and more loving than it once was. You may even be ready to make a commitment you were unsure about.


This week you can anticipate some form of materialistic rewards coming from your career or financial investments. Expect great things this week in the form of a salary raise or bonus. Be careful during this time, however, not to let your pride and ego lead you to bad situations. Be humble about your successes and don’t let yourself seek or get pulled into unnecessary fights. Focus on being yourself and try to be peaceful and display humility, even if you find it difficult. Keep yourself modest and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, otherwise you may spoil things for yourself.

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