Taurus Forecast For August

Taurus Forecast For August

Love Forecast

Brace yourself for the possibility of relationship problems—and you quite possibly were already dealing with some. The universe brings with it some troubling news for your relationship sector as Saturn, planet of limitations, renters this sector. It might be a week where you are put to the test of mending wounds in your relationship. Although Saturn often signifies constriction and frequently sounds the alarm for trouble for those in a relationship, it is also the planet of commitment which can sometimes be a good sign for singles. Whatever the case may be, brace yourself for what is to come and stay strong.

Career Forecast

You work hard not only in your job but at home, and all of that diligence is going to pay off this week.There are two major benefices influencing the 10th house, and that is the house assigned to your career. People can trust you and rely on you, and because of your value you will be rewarded most likely in the form of material gains. You can look forward to a possible raise, bonus, or a profitable business deal. Be wary, however, of letting your pride or temper get the better of you this week as that could put a dent in your success. If you can keep your cool throughout the week you can definitely look forward to promising advantages in your career.

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