Scorpio Lovescopes For May

This is likely going to be a very emotional week for you—but in a good way. Your sensitivity along with your enthusiasm will be very inspiring. Your communication will also be more than proficient, especially in the romantic area of your life. Use this opportunity to engage someone new and learn more about a prospective lover, or else enjoy smooth communication with your current partner.

There is a great potential for big developments in your romantic life coming up, whether you are in a relationship already or not. You might find yourself buying a new home this week with your partner or moving in together for the first time. If you are single on the other hand, be prepared for someone to step forward with feelings for you. This is a great period of time for expressing yourself, making the first move, and keeping an open mind. Don’t be afraid to feel the energy of the romance and passion.

This is likely to be a week with romantic and sentimental emotions. If you are currently in a relationship you should have little trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings to your lover. This is likely to inspire him/her to do the same as you, making it a great week for love. If, on the other hand, you are not in any sort of relationship, it might be better for you to focus on yourself and your own personal goals. A romance may not be in the making at this time, but if you wait then what is meant to be will come together in time.


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