Scorpio Lovescopes For April

Your confidence could also get the attention of people nearby

Scorpio Romance and love aren’t necessarily in the forecast for the week ahead and you may not find that satisfaction you were hoping you would. Try to stay positive about the situation, however, and if you are in a relationship and you aren’t feeling the chemistry now or you are separated by distance then there are some things you can do. Try communicating online and if possible share pictures back and forth of your recent activities together; this will help you to stay connected and in touch with them. You and your partner may receive positive financial news this week, you may make meaningful decisions together, or reveal deep personal truths about one another. Scorpio If you aren’t with someone now it might be the perfect time for you to get matters in order in the other areas of your life. Catch up on financial decisions or bills, touch base in your career, or get a health check up. People will notice your togetherness and personal success and it will make you very attractive to those around you who see your progress. Your confidence could also get the attention of people nearby. This could end up spurring on a romance before you know it if all of the pieces are in order. If the tables are truly turned towards romance and passion for you this week then you will probably find yourself sweeping someone off their feet, or vice versa. You may even find yourself in an intense romantic whirlwind which causes you to neglect your responsibilities.

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