Scorpio Love Scopes For February

Making Positive Affirmations

If your with that special someone, as you try to make up your mind you might be sending confusing signals to your partner. Communicating what is  inside your head will help your partner understand your worries and might offer a better solution to resolve your issues. Remember that building your relationship on the solid foundation of communication we’ll bring your relationship to a whole new level. Holding things inside and not communicating will only hindered your relationship and bring a lack of understanding between the both of you. Sometimes things are misunderstood when you’re not able to express yourself outwardly. Try not to  walk on “egg shells”  and don’t bite down on your tongue if you have something to say,  it’s good to allow your throat chakra to express itself so that you can bring the positive energy and a level of understanding into your relationship.

Single? Remember how you admire people who just know what they want and get it? You have that same ability in the same initiative to go after what you want. Start looking on the bright side of things and stop comparing yourself to other people. When you see two people walking down the street holding each other hands, remember that you have the same opportunity to share your life with someone just as  well. Stop  being down on yourself saying that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life, Remember those are negative thoughts.

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Make positive affirmations to yourself that you will be happy and in love with that special someone. The problem is that you’re looking back on your past relationships that didn’t work out. Remember that the past is only a learning experience not a stumbling block that would prevent you from moving forward. Learn from your past mistakes. Remember that you have the opportunity to have a new beginning with that special someone.

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