Scorpio Love Scopes

Oct 23-Nov 21

ScorpioScorpio you have a strong personality that radiates naturally, for some it is a challenge, however, it can also cause you to  shy away from a  potential love interest. There’s nothing wrong for being confident and ambitious, especially when you know you can work it, but you have other qualities that’ll be more inviting for a happy relationship. Don’t mask your kindness with over powering esteem, your potential “happy ever after” is waiting around the corner observing if you are more than just a challenge. It is the perfect time to show off your charismatic personality, your passionate love energy. You have the ability to charm with your words, and captivate the desire of your heart. Your witty personality and distinctive smile can magically bring that person right to you. That inherent charisma can take you a long ways with the significant other. Don’t be afraid to be unique with that special someone, you will be surprise that your very uniqueness will draw that person right into your arms. 

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