Scorpio Forecast For September


Rahu and Venus are currently in conjunction, and this is a good thing for singles. If you are not currently involved with someone your thoughts will be turned towards the idea of companionship, particularly a like-minded individual. This could be a very exciting time for you as you open your mind up to the possibilities of love and invite romance into your life. Whether or not you find this person depends on the cards you are dealt this week and how you play your hand. Those in relationships will likely find themselves tied up in some financial responsibilities with their partner. You may get a loan, home, or mortgage together. Alternatively either you or your partner may give some financial support in a time of need.


You are probably going to face resistance during the week, possibly in a number of different ways. Your biggest challenge will likely come from trying to maintain a balance between your personal life and career life. Aside from this you may also be feeling rushed by your boss to meet deadlines in a short period of time. If you have a business partner they will irritate you with their complaints and pessimistic attitude. No matter what you face this week try to see the problems ahead of you as opportunities to grow and shine the brightest you can. Remember that this is just one week and you can get through it. Find creative ways to turn negative situations into chances to learn and grow.

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