Sagittarius Lovescopes for March

A Time For New Beginnings

Sagittarius if you’re in a relationship your partner might be asking you for the ninth time, how everything is going or if you are okay. Your partner is feeling what you’re going through, he/she is sensitive to your needs. lately you find yourself shutting down because of what your hearing from people from the outside. Try not to push him aside first get all the  facts. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s time to tell your partner whats on your heart?

To have a change of heart clearing away those negative thoughts, experiencing the fear thinking that you will lose your partner. Sagittarius have  faith in the love that you have for one another. Realize that the  both of you  are inseparable together.Know that nothing will tear or break the union you have shared. Yes you have gone through some ups and downs, but remember the times when you’re down those were the times that made you strong.

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Sagittarius if your single or been through a recent break up,celebrate this time of transformation for YOU. Welcome this time as a  new beginning that is  starting in your life. This is the time not to try to pull the past in your present or try to recapture what you once had, but learn that the past is the past, and you have gained the strength needed to move forward.  Dreaming about what could have been, will only make life harder for you to move forward.

Sagittarius if you find out the past relationship issues might be bothering you, it’s time to make peace with yourself, and if that means going into your private space to meditate as you connect with your spiritual self to gain clarity, go for it! Once you have gain that  inner peace with yourself  then you realize that vision in love will start to flow through once again.



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