Sagittarius Love Tarot Reading February 2017


Making it happen seeing your desires manifest. Making it happen with the magician. You may see someone notice you or showing interest in you. You may be notice someone paying more attention to

10 of Pentacles

You could be closing out a chapter in your life and starting something new. Spirit says the things that you desire, you are starting to see the fruits with the things that you desire. You could be talking about building your relationship. There may be someone you are waiting for as well and you could be seeing the manifestation.

Page of Cups

Expect a message of love or something that is relating to a new love connection or relationship connection. It may be something that will happen unexpectedly.

Kings of Swords

This may be someone you are waiting for or a new person that will come into your future. It looks as though this may be someone who you desire to be in your life. This may be someone who enjoys motorcycles or be a part of a motor cycle club. This is someone who can and will provide that strong foundation you’re looking for. Giving you a sense of security.

Queen of Swords In (reverse)

An energy from the outside you may have to be on the watch out for. This may be someone you already know that you are with and possibly want you have. A possible annoyance may try to shake the foundation of an already established relationship.

Page of Swords

Coming up as an opportunity or an ideas on how to resolve the situation.  You may be coming with an idea or strategy to handle any negativity. 

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