Sagittarius Love Scopes February

Want to find out to keep your partner?

Want to find love or keep your partner? The best way to a  man’s hearts is through his stomach that’s what they say. however not always cooking is the best way to your partners heart , but it  sure can be  one of the roads that can lead you to your partners heart.  Of course there’s more roads that lead to Rome, his heart that is. Showing him that you are very interested in  how he feels is another way with connecting with your partner.  showing  him that you’re smart and sensitive and able to connect with how he/she feels and  knowing that your partner has someone to lean on. Most of all don’t move away from  who you are, simply be yourself and show your partner  to always remain true to who you are .



If your Attached? This month is a time for celebration of your love, this is the time you and your partner will be renewing the bond that you both have together.  Also recognizing how far you’ve come in your relationship and you’re still standing. This month in February is the time of celebration especially around Valentine’s Day or a special occasion. You may get caught off guard with something special planned for the both of you to celebrate your love and your commitment together. Also this month is the time that you will let him know how you  appreciate the years spent together. If you would like a ONE question FREE relationship reading contact Tara


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