Sagittarius Love Scopes

Sagittarius Nov 22- Dec 21

saggittariuseditSagittarius if you are in a relationship, try to reason with your partner on the brighter side, sometimes it’s good to admit when your wrong in a heated argument to add some balance in the relationship. Sagittarius when your being too observant you tend to over criticize your partner and it can result into  more tensed situation between you which shouldn’t be the case, if you only look on  one side of things. No one stops you from being logical because that’s who you are, but the relationship has to be a give and take.  Try to take time out for a good conversation of understanding and not to over stress the situation with current insecurities. Remembering that a relationship is give and take, try to bring such balance to your relationship to keep things on one accord.  It is good to think about the positive nature about you relationship to keep your thoughts in perspective  and doing away with all negative thoughts that may cause doubts in your relationship. Look at the bright side of things and remember what brought you two together, remember to build from this point to deliver a positive future outcome in your current relationship. 

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