Sagittarius Forecast For September


Singles may become distracted by other relationships or tasks, and this could lead you to overlook a potential romantic interest if you aren’t careful. Keep your eyes open, your next relationship could be hiding in the shadows. Those currently engaged in a partnership will be able to enjoy fluid communication throughout the week. This communication will help you to strengthen your relationship. You will be able to agree on big decisions together about your future, whether it is taking the next step in your relationship or some big endeavor you have decided to do together. Take advantage of this time to work on things together and make plans about where you want to go.


You may find yourself surrounded by a fog during this week. This could be a result of distraction and emotional drowsiness or it could just be that you are so busy with life that it is difficult to think straight. Either way tune into your intuition and alertness. Paying attention to details and cues around you is key to having a successful week in your job. Take a deep breath and just focus on the moment at hand. Be in tune to your customers, fellow coworkers, and your boss, as well as your own internal messages. Doing this will help you to see clearly and know what you need to be doing or saying as you go along in your day.

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