Sagittarius Forecast For December

Sagittarius Forecast For December


Sagittarius If you are single brace yourself for an exciting and very unexpected encounter with someone you find quite attractive. Although a relationship may not necessarily be in the works—or it might—it will put your head in the clouds for the rest of the week. Couples may find themselves somewhat distracted by matters of work, at least for part of the week, and you may be more irritable than usual. You may have to make a big choice regarding your loved one for better or for worse. Not everything will be bad, however, and couples can expect to have some fun this week with their significant other.


Sagittarius this week you will most likely be confronted by confidential, private issues and/or situations and people from a past you have put left you. These matters will have to be resolved but the good news is that you should be able to handle them relatively efficiently. Sagittarius don’t intentionally revive old choices or memories unless they will serve to benefit you. Be cautious while on the job this week and be weary as you proceed. Think about what you must do to protect your career should any threats present themselves. Although you may feel relatively limited or restricted during this time a little patience will prove you are as powerful and free as ever.



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