Sagittarius Angel Card Reading October 2015

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Sagittarius Angel Card Reading October 2015

I will be doing an Angel Card reading for Sagittarius for the month of October 2015. We will talk about chakra clearing for the beginning of the month. Then we will do relationship harmony towards the middle of the month. Then we will do Life review toward the end of the month.

ArchAngel Metatron (Chakra Clearing)

With chakra clearing we will be working with ArchAngel Metatron call upon me  to clear and open your chakras  using sacred geometric shapes. With chakra clearing you may want to go through your spiritual ritual, Anything that brings you more clarity, this could be meditation, This could be prayer, or you getting in touch with your spirit guides.

ArchAngel Raguel (Relationship Harmony)

Allow the peace to come back into your relationship, you may be going through a difficult  time, With ArchAngel Raguel will start to  bring a sense of peace back into your relationship. Calling on ArchAngel Raquel, this  we’ll start to  bring balance into your relationship. Also allowing forgiveness in your relationship and not holding a grudge with one another. This will allow the peace to flow freely into your relationship. This also requires a forgiving heart, with a forgiving heart you can also allow the  positive Energy to flow through your relationship bringing healing to your relationship.

ArchAngel Jeremiel (Life Review)

This will be a time for reflection in our lives, a time to take inventory. Life review will be a time where we re-evaluate  ourselves, taking out the bad and keeping the good. Sometimes we have to ask for guidance to work around those challenging personalities, or simply asking for guidance on how to deal with certain situations in our lives that may be causing us to feel hindered or depressed. However towards the end of the month this will be a time of reflection and a time to review your life to see what you can make better. Seeing how you can make your life more better and better yourself.


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