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In the Present position we have the Wheel of Fortune

we are doing good we have luck on our side we have the right energy that’s on our side moving forward in a positive direction with the Wheel of fortune in the tarot. Especially when it come to relationships you want that wheel turning in the right direction. so that is a good start. This can mean that you might have met someone who unexpectedly, spontaneously, someone who entered into your life was positive. You see that there holding the cups so they are pretty happy. Someone that caused some great joyous moments in your life just as well. Someone that you can have a good time and enjoy life with This may be someone who you may have a good chemistry with. It seems as though this is a relationship that you’ve been through that have even well with your spirit and well with your energy, having that chemistry together. This is a very good thing. Let’s see what the present holds for you Pisces.


In the present position we have the 10 of Wands in the tarot. We have the 10 of Wands, the 10 of Wands in the tarot. Things were going well things were doing great,  but for some reason there is a lot of activity with the 10 of Wands. So much that is coming to a point that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. It could be some outside influences or activities, it could be someone with baggage. This could be weighing you down. This might have weighed you down, this could be a relationship already in place and all of a sudden you hit some tough times you might have been having tough times together. Things were gong well, the wheel is turning in a positive direction , this through me for a loop to pull the 10 of Wands. This looks as though it’s a bump in the road. I get a sense that this relationship still going  However you may have a lot on your plate. The 10 of Wands its showing an overload. A lot of things seem to be going on, this may be an event that recently happen and that you with through. this might have caused a bit of stress in the relationship. With the wheel of fortune I see that this could be a relationship with potential.



Temperance is in the future for you this could be because of the holidays that past things were a bit overload a lot of things happening. I see you having a good time, I see that this is a relationship that your happen in. If your single this could be someone you have met or someone new, you felt a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe not being able to spend time together so with the Temperance card in the tarot and with you trying to do so much whether your single or if your with someone or in a relationship already, it looks as though temperance is saying you’re going to start to balance this out. With the 10 of Wands you may not feel so balance because it too much on your plate, that probably affecting the relationship, it could be effecting the relationship with time, not being able to spend enough time together because you have so much to do.  It could be other outside influences or stresses or things that are affecting the relationship that had kinda shifted the relationship to a point of being overwhelmed.


If your single it looks as though you’re a bit overwhelmed it looks as though  your overwhelmed with activities you’re doing. This could mean you need more balance in your life. They say all work and know play, I  get a sense that it is a call for more balance in your life.You could be working a lot and doing many things that you’re trying to fill a void if you single.Trying do to so much to distract your attention from something else that might of not worked out in a relationship with the 10 of wands. Regardless with the wheel of fortune your being pushed in a positive direction.

 If you’re in a relationship regardless things will balance out with the Temperance card, you wills tart to see balance in your relationship in your life, in love , If you are single and you’re wondering when your going to meet someone it may mean your life has to get to a certain point that you have the time enough to do that, because you have so much stuff that you’re doing. If you want something long-term and established you may need to rearrange some things on your calendar. Are some changes need to come in regards to time. So that you’re able to have a social life because you could be so busy and you’re wondering when am I going to meet someone. Relationships need a certain about of time. Have to give a certain about of time to relationships in order for it to work. If you’re in a relationship this tell me that things will start to balance in your relationship Pisces. You’ll start to feel that balance between each other again.


Pulling a card  from the Psychic Tarot from the heart and pulled the Two of Pentacles which says find balance. That’s the message here find balance for Pisces. Slow down Pisces you need some time because you need balance in your life. You may have to organize this schedule try not to overwhelm yourself so you can see the situation.


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