Pisces Tarot Reading For November

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In the Beginning of the month (Foundation And achievements)

Spirit tells me in regards to foundation and Achievements and what you trying to rebuild. As we look at the house in the four of wands, we see that we are all on a path to achieve our higher self. As we look at the house which is the four of wands  in the tarot, this tells us our success  out of life. We are all on a path achieve our higher self. The house can symbolize what we are  trying to build and what we are  trying to build with our family and also what we’re trying to maintain in life. Spirit also tells me about working on marriage, maintaining your relationship, getting to the next level in your relationship. The four of wands is a card of action, this tells us how you’re working on your goal. Whether its relationship or whether it’s family. Even if you’re single, or a  single parent you wanting the  best for your family. Setting your goals and putting your priorities in order to achieve happiness.

In the Middle of the Month (Emotional Withdrawn)

With the eight of cops you may be at turning point in your life, you may be deciding whether to walk away from something you’re emotionally connected to. You may be at the crossroads or trying to make a decision whether you should stay or whether you should go. This is the time that you may be at a turning point that may cause an emotional withdrawal. Even though you have your vision in front of you and you have the desire to move forward, you may find there may be challenges that will come up against you that may cause you to withdraw emotionally  or step backwards. You may want other people to be on board with you with your vision. What you’re finding out is that you’re running into conflict. You may find for a moment that you may have to walk this journey alone, because your vision you only see. You may discover that others may not see the same vision that you do.

At the End of The Month (Memories Of Love)

You may find that you’re holding on to memories, however sometimes the memories inspire us to move forward. Sometimes the memories inspire us and give us the motivation to complete our goals in life.  This can be someone who moved abroad, this could be someone who might  have relocated in a  different area, you might have left  someone who you love behind. I see you in spirit someone who maybe in a distant relationship, that have to go abroad and they’re thinking about their loved ones, Someone that they left behind. This can be a family member, a husband, a wife someone who they really love. You will find that the four of wands is your inspiration is your drive two continue To move forward and to accomplish your goal.

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