Pisces Tarot Reading

Fulfilment Of Wishes (Beginning Of Month)

There’s a lot of things we been waiting for, and finally we will begin to see the report. Things that we’ve been hoping for we’re going to finally see the report manifest. So things that we were very concerned about, answers that we were waiting for they will come out in a positive way. Things that have been connected to us in an emotional way come as we see the water start to flow. We will begin to see a positive flow of energy flowing through. So things that have felt stagnate to you, you will start to see movement. You will start to see things flowing through come and you will start to no longer feel that lock you’ve been feeling.

Obstacles In Challenges (Middle of the Month)

With the number five, you will start to see action and movement. You’ll start to feel more balanced come some things that might be holding you, you will start to slowly see progress. This could be pending matters, These can be contracts, there can also be things that are in the courts come  through for the better. Spirit shows me that things will start to move frequently, as I see water flowing. The blocks that have been there, The road blocks are the obstacles that have been preventing you to move forward, you will see much movement. You will start to see answers coming and you will start to see your wishes fulfilled.

Partnerships and Alliances (End of Month)

Then you’re going to come with the number three again, which is a number of growth. Overall you’ve been through some obstacles, But through patience you’re going to reap the rewards of those obstacles are battles. You still may have some more challenges to go but finally you going to feel that weight lift up your shoulder, and you’re going to start to see those important matters flowing with positive energy.




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