Pisces Tarot Love Soaps December


The Major Arcana The Sun Card in the Tarot

This will be a relationship with goodness to come. This may mean may be making plans together with a relationship. If you’re single this could mean that someone will be entering into your life for love. The Sun may also mean planning for a marriage or a special engagement, the Sun brings great energy to the reading. 


The Six of Pentacles 

Giving and Receiving in a relationship, this may mean giving on special occasion that will be coming up for the near future.  

We will start with the Two of Cups coming together. I see a relationship where you possibly may feel very connected emotionally or  you could be making plans to get real serious  with someone or this could be a possible marriage.  If  you are  single and you long to be  with that special someone tells me that there is great prospects for this happening for the New Year. This also may mean that someone is coming around the corner for you when you least expect it.


We have the number 19 which is Shine is the John Holland Psychic Tarot of the heart. This represents the Sun in the Tarot.  This means great positive energy coming in and entering into your life.


There is great possibility that new things are going to happen this year. This may be  in the form of  a relationship. There also may be plans for special occasions  that deals with opportunity, life purpose and moving forward.


Pisces you’re in a good place as you  embrace the Sun, so  this tells me that great positive energy will enter into your life. Giving you the inspiration to achieve your goals and dreams. This also may mean up and coming opportunities for you Pisces. 



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