Pisces Love And Career For May


Venus is in the house of self and personality which will turn your thoughts towards yourself. If you are single you may attract someone to you, but be cautious right now in your decision-making. Your emotions are currently running high which could be dangerous. This is true for those in relationships as well who may be experiencing some highs and lows with your partner. You will be busy during this time so be sure that you schedule a date or some alone time with your loved one.


This is an important week for new beginnings when it comes to your finances and career. You may get a promotion, change jobs, or move. You will also be struck by a longing to get more out of life and this will cause you to slow down, which you can likely afford to do now. On the downside, however, it is possible that you will face some sort of struggle with a superior. Make sure that you approach the situation with wisdom and clarity.

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