Pisces Forecast For November

Pisces Forecast For November


If you are single but trying to form a relationship it is important for you to be tactful. Don’t do anything drastic or brash. You may be given some advice through a friend or colleague, in fact they may even want to set you up with someone. It is alright for you to listen or even follow through with the person they suggest, but make sure you feel right about it. Later in the week you may be the one asked for your opinion. If you are already in a relationship you may face a few bumps in the road. Old issues may even resurface and you may be confronted with misunderstandings.


It is okay to be a little indulgent this week but make sure you use discretion and don’t overdo it. Make sure not to overload yourself and think about what you can handle. Pick only a few events to go to which you can manage with your workload and personal life. Overall, try to stay somewhat flexible in case any big priorities present themselves. You will find this week may bring some excitement and some untapped resources. It may be advantageous of you to start branching out.

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