Move Forward To A New Relationship

Stop Moving Backwards to old relationships

Move Forward

Having you ever thought about moving forward to a new relationship? This could even mean to begin a new relationship with yourself. Try to stop moving backwards to old relationships, why  did you break up in the first place? Maybe you forgot? If you did we must think about why we want to go back to that  old relationships instead of embracing what the future has for us. Remember there was a reason why you broke up with that past love, and over time we tend to forget. This can be because of loneliness as  we tend to think about the past because of our longing desire to be with that special person we missed.


If your recently coming out of an old or tumultuous  relationship, remember to give yourself a bit of space to heal, so that you don’t bring the leftover residue of pain with you in a new relationship. Celebrate your oneness it’s ok to be alone for a time. Use this time to look deep within yourself to stay in tune with your spiritual self your inner self. Only use the past to reflect on what you can do better for yourself. Take notice on what to improve or change. We are forever evolving  as we go into a new transformation each chapter of our lives.


Have you ever thought maybe it’s time to do something different? Explore new options with love or maybe think out of the box. Remember that you deserve to be loved and you deserve to be loved in the best way possible. Let us not look back at the past, sometimes the past leave bad memories of old love and we think that this is  all we can achieve. Lets us not embrace those old bad memories again, because we think that it’s the best we can do. Know that we can do better if we know yourself worth and your value. To know that it’s ok to take a risk, and explore different opportunities in love.  Learn to expand your horizons in love such as going out and meeting new people in new places. Try going to that local coffee shop, that local bookstore, or maybe even the local supermarket you never know who you might meet.


Have you been feeling to shy? No worries I suffer to with a bit of shyness. Read in my next post  on how to build yourself esteem and believe in yourself.


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